Camel-Chapter About

Chapter 1 : Tezos Academy

Hello rookie! I’m admiral Adama. I hope you are ready for a fight. The Xenomorphs have been attacking our colonies for days now. We are throwing everything we’ve got at them, that means even you rookie, so you better learn and fast! You have been assigned a ship, go ahead and get prepared.

Tezos Academy is a fun interactive tutorial on how to code smart contracts for Tezos. You are about to go an an adventure filled with smart contracts!

By default, Tezos smart contracts are written in Michelson, but it is an hard to learn low level formal language. For this tutorial, we will use LIGO instead. The syntax is high level and transpiles to Michelson.


In this tutorial, we will go over each fundamental principles of LIGO while coding different smart contracts with a sci-fi narrative.

The first 20 chapters are easy and made for you to learn without too much hassle. The following 10 chapters are much harder and made for you to experience real combat, huh I mean real smart contract development on tezos!

Each chapter is made of a theorical part and exercice. Code the exercise in the online editor and click validate to compare your code against the expected solution. Differences will be highlighted is a git-diff view.

So go ahead soldier and make us proud!