Camel – variables

Chapter 3 : Variables

Seems like you have locked-in the parameters. You should unlock them so we can later change the ship configuration if need be.


Constants are immutable by design, which means their values cannot be reassigned. Put in another way, they can be assigned once, at their declaration. When defining a constant you need to provide a name, type and a value:

let age: int = 25;


As expected in the pure subset of a functional language, CameLIGO only features constant values: once they are declared, the value cannot be changed (or “mutated”).

let c: int = 2 + 3
let c : int = c – 3

Your mission

1- In the top right editor, modify the code from the previous chapter to make my_ship a variable.

2- On the next line, modify its value to “222031”


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