Pascal-Chapter Records

Chapter 9 : Records

Thanks for the coordinates captain but I’m not sure I understand which value corresponds to which coordinate. You mean x,y,z ? You may want to be more explicit.

Records are like tuples but with named parameters. In other words, they hold a set of key/data pairs. To instantiate a record, you must first declare its type as follows :

type user is
record [
id : nat;
is_admin : bool;
name : string

And here is how to define an associated record value :

const alice : user =
record [
id = 1n;
is_admin = true;
name = “Alice”


You can access the whole record or get one key in particular :

const alice_is_admin : bool = alice.is_admin


You can modify values in a record as follows :

function change_name (const u : user) : user is
block {
const u : user = u with record [name = “Mark”]
} with u

⚠️ Note that user has not been changed by the function. Rather, the function returned a nameless new version of it with the modified name.


A patch takes a record to be updated and a record with a subset of the fields to update, then applies the latter to the former.

function change_name (const u : user) : user is
block {
patch u with record [name = “Mark”]
} with u

Your mission

1- Refactor the type of coordinates as a record instead of a tuple. Name the parameters x, y and z.

2- Refactor earth_coordinates with the record type.

2- Refactor the earth_coordinates update of the last parameters with the record type (using a patch).


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