Pascal-Chapter Timestamps

Chapter 18 : Timestamps

Osiris, here we come! [FTL ENGINE ACTIVATING] Make yourself comfortable captain, it’s gonna take some time.


You cannot get the current time in LIGO but you can get the starting time of the current block :

const today : timestamp =


In LIGO, timestamps can be added to integers :

const today : timestamp =
const one_day : int = 86_400
const in_24_hrs : timestamp = today + one_day
const some_date : timestamp = (“2000-01-01T10:10:10Z” : timestamp)
const one_day_later : timestamp = some_date + one_day
const in_24_hrs : timestamp = today – one_day


You can compare timestamps using the same comparison operators applying to numbers.

const not_tommorow : bool = ( = in_24_hrs)

Your mission

1- Compute the constant timestamp eta as our estimated time from arrival in 6 days from now.


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